Our monthly changing curries and biryanis

We have an outstanding selection of curry and biryani dishes and these changes every month based on seasonality

The dishes that feature on the menu this month are:

Bhatkal Devon Crab Biryani
With centuries of spice trading, this coastal area of western India can boast of a unique biryani - ours is made with extra-long grain aged basmati rice and perfumed with saffron & cinnamon leaf

Navratan or Nine Jewelled Vegetable Korma
Rich flavoursome curry with nine varieties of vegetables , nuts and dried fruits

Roast Duck Vindaloo
Creedy carver half duck, slow cooked with real goan vindaloo spices

Lobster Malabar Curry
Chunks of whole lobster, coconut milk, fresh turmeric root, green mango

Bhatkal Devon Crab Biryani at Veeraswamy London
Lobster Malabar Curry at Veeraswamy Restaurant