Discover a Michelin-starred London institution of almost a century

The city’s oldest surviving Indian restaurant, on prestigious Regent Street.


Now in its 97th year overlooking Regent Street, the restaurant remains a standard bearer for Indian cuisine in London, with luxuriously ornate interiors paying a modern homage to its long history.

Veeraswamy Restaurant on Regent Street London

After nearly a century, and many redesigns Veeraswamy offers guests a memorable array of dining options overlooking Regent Street from the first floor. The Regency Room offers eclectic luxury, with a cabinet of artefacts and Maharajah-era dress at its entrance.

It may have opened in 1926 but this celebrated Indian restaurant just keeps getting better and better!

The Verandah Room adds foliage and the quiet overlook of Swallow Street, for a natural-light-filled lunch.

Veeraswamy, Mayfair Restaurant

The Paisley Room’s 1920s velvet and flowing fabrics most directly recalls the restaurant’s illustrious past.

The Paisley Room, Veeraswamy Restaurant near Piccadilly
The room is awash with colour, and it’s run with great charm and enormous pride

Experience the cuisine of India’s royal palaces, with a modern touch

The menu journeys through the Hyderabadi and Mughal history of its founding days and the contemporary expertise of owners MW Eat.


A slow-braised shahi patalia raan wraps a lamb shank in golden puff pastry, to be served with a sauce of bone marrow, saffron, and rose, in the tradition of southeastern Punjabi palaces.

Patiala Shahi Raan Encroute at Veeraswamy Restaurant

The restaurant is also renowned for its slow-cooked dishes, including a rogan josh from Kashmir, with the heady fragrance of saffron and mawal, the cockscomb flower.

Very Slow Cooked Champaran Lamb - Roghan Josh of Bihar at Veeraswamy Restaurant

Light and carefully grilled dishes of seafood sit well alongside the slower-cooked dishes and royal biryanis and curries.

Grilled Mullet & Prawn Exotica at Veeraswamy Restaurant London

As the menus have evolved over nearly a century, so too they do at lunchtime and weekend brunch, where lighter, brisk dishes take centre stage.

Patta Chaat at Veeraswamy Restaurant

As at siblings Chutney Mary and Amaya, there is a pioneering wine list that precisely matches white, red, rosé, and sparkling wines to the unique spicing and character of different dishes, alongside a playful range of Indian-inspired cocktails.

Cocktails at Veeraswamy Restaurant London
"A wonderful evening at the magnificent Veeraswamy. Reassuringly expensive and it's good to know that...there's something immutable at this superb establishment. Do go and enjoy yourselves there. Felicitations."
13 June 2024
"Awesome is the only word that comes to my mind after having a splendid dinner at Veeraswamy. Food, service, ambiance, everything is top notch. Everything that we ordered was tasty, full of flavours and not very heavy. Would definitely come back soon."
6 June 2024
In one word: Divine... Would I return? Absolutely! This is a restaurant where you can really sit, relax, enjoy delicious food, and wonderful ambiance."
18 April 2024
"Perhaps the best meal we've ever had anywhere any time! Attentive and charming staff."
12 April 2024
"Simply fantastic! Every element of the meal was superb and service was first class. I would highly recommend this historic establishment to anybody that enjoys traditional Indian cuisine."
Google Review, 18 February 2024
"Superb! The food was sublime and keeps getting better. For us this institution is the jewel in the crown."
14 January 2024