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The Private Dining room at Veeraswamy is perfect for private dining up to 22, or cocktail parties up to 50. The décor is romantic and playful with baccarat chandeliers, a flickering candle lit wall, rich Moghul style carpets, elegant silk curtains that create an atmosphere of romance & celebration.

In order to make it easier & quicker to create the perfectly balanced menu, we have designed a selection of menus. The menus range from £49 to £70 for dinner. If you have any special requests or dietary requirement, we will be able to offer a bespoke menu.

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What's on at Veeraswamy


Veeraswamy, created in 1926, is one of the oldest restaurants in London. Its first owner, Edward Palmer, was the great grandson of General William Palmer, Private Secretary to the first Governor-General of India & an Indian Moghul Princess.

Since acquiring Veeraswamy in 1997, we have restored Veeraswamy to its position as one the leading restaurants serving fine Indian food. 

The rare Royal Indian dishes we have created to celebrate the 90th anniversary include Asafjahi Lamb Pasanda from legendary kitchens of the Nizam of the Hyderabad, where Edward Palmer was born; Shahi Raan from the Patiala Palace & Shahjahani Badami Chicken – a sophisticated Moghul recipe to remember Edward Palmer's great grandmother, a Moghul princess.

What's on at Veeraswamy


Diwali, the festival of lights creates a magical world of joy and festivity. It celebrates the triumphant victory of good over evil and the glory of light over darkness, a beam of hope over despair. 

India's festival of lights takes place on Sunday, 30th October and is a time for family, food and celebration.

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