Veeraswamy history


Veeraswamy is UK’s oldest Indian Restaurant. Established in 1926, it remains a legendary culinary landmark; a favourite amongst foodies & critics alike, playing host to royalty, celebrities & regular patrons

Established in 1926 by the grandson of an English General and an Indian princess, it soon became a fashionable rendezvous hotspot amongst the rich and famous, who were drawn not only to its remarkable cuisine style but also to its Raj inspired opulent interiors. It shares a birthday with H.M the Queen.

Today it still exudes the same extraordinary glamour and rich essence of its legendary past. However, since acquiring Veeraswamy in 1997 we have made considerable makeovers to maintain such an ambience, with a fabulously sophisticated menu to match.

We have restored Veeraswamy to its position as one the leading restaurants serving fine Indian food. We have created opulent and sumptuous interiors, offering a timeless aura of sophistication in which to enjoy fine Indian food in London’s first restaurant of its kind.

We invite you to commemorate the 90th anniversaries of the Queen and Veeraswamy with some rare royal Indian dishes to mark our illustrious history.